ZoomShop: Depth-Aware Editing of Photographic Composition

Image of a distant boat on a lake, with mountains in the distance. A shore with trees is in the foreground.
Figure 1: Using ZoomShop to edit a photograph1. (a) An image of mountains (background) framed by trees (foreground). The user’s goal is to make the boat bigger while keeping the framing of foreground trees. (b) Zooming in and cropping scales up the boat, but cuts out most of the trees and shore. (c) Left: With ZoomShop users can select depth ranges (yellow and green) and independently adjust each region while maintaining scene structure. Disoccluded and stretched pixels are shown in cyan. Right: Cyan pixels from image are manually inpainted using Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill. We show the top-down view volume and boundary curve of each camera above the corresponding images in a, b, and c.


We present ZoomShop, a photographic composition editing tool for adjusting relative size, position, and foreshortening of scene elements. Given an image and corresponding depth map as input, ZoomShop combines a novel non-linear camera model and a depth-aware image warp to reproject and deform the image. Users can isolate objects by selecting depth ranges and adjust their scale and foreshortening, which controls the paths of the camera rays through the scene. Users can also select 2D image regions and translate them, which determines the objective function in the image warp optimization. We demonstrate that ZoomShop can be used to achieve useful compositional goals, such as making a distant object more prominent while preserving foreground scenery, or making objects both larger and closer together so they still fit in the frame.

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1Bernd Thaller. "Lake Bohinj". https://www.flickr.com/photos/bernd_thaller/30816367150. Modified from original and used under CC BY 2.0. Aug. 2016.